Cyberty and Hydro66 join forces to fight cyber crime

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

From Left: Magnus Nilsson, Albert Altman, Emil Fågelqvist, Sara Grundström.

Cybercrime is increasing fiercely during the ongoing corona pandemic. In Sweden alone, it is forecasted to cost businesses more than SEK 20 billion (approx. 2.3B USD) in 2020. This makes us even more excited to now announce our next step in becoming a part of the solution to this global problem, as we join forces with Hydro66 to protect their customers.

FBI reported a 300 percent increase in cyber crime during the onslaught of Covid-19. On average, approximately 43 percent of all these attacks hit small and medium-sized businesses, who neither have the financial resources nor the competence to protect themselves.

Most importantly, the consequences can be dire, to say the least. According to Microsoft, more than 60 percent of the SME:s that are hit by a severe attack have to shut down operations within 6 months.

All mind-blowing numbers that point to one simple fact: cyber threats need to be taken seriously by all businesses, no matter the size. No one is safe without taking proper action to protect their systems and data. ”If a global tech company like Twitter is vulnerable to attacks, anyone is.”, says Albert Altman, CTO of Cyberty.

At Cyberty, cyber security is our passion and our expertise. We want to be a part of the solution and are thus glad to announce that as of today, we are partnering with the highly acclaimed and passionate team at Hydro66.

Together, we will fight cyber crime by protecting their customers. For instance, we will help Hydro66 and their data center customers with security architecture, penetration testing and risk assessment.

”This is truly a huge milestone for us. Hydro66 is a company we have great respect for. We look forward to combining our expertise in cyber security with their unique passion for green and reliable data centers.”, Albert continues.

In a press release, Hydro66 CTO Christian Keet comments: ”Cyberty is a fast-growing company which provides smart solutions that can help us ensure that our customers are always protected against cyber attacks.”

We are happy to have earned their trust and look forward to meeting these challenges head-on.

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